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Why you should choose a cast iron bath for your home?

Cast iron baths have been a center piece for every bathroom since their inception in 1883. The first cast iron bath ever was invented by an american man by the name of John Michael Kohler. John Kohler took a cast iron trough used for feeding horses and added beautiful decorative feet to the bottom of the trough to create the worlds first bath tub.

Cast iron baths have come a long way since 1883 but have always been a constant in the eyes of interior designers, house builders and self builders for their aesthetics and range of benefits which we will discuss in this article.

The main benefits that come with choosing a cast iron bath for your bathroom before choosing Steel or Acrylic is the added retention of heat, cast iron in general holds heat for much longer than other materials. I think we can agree that we have all run a bath or two in our time before receiving a phone call or a knock at the door to then return to a bath that has went cold, this is due to the heat loss from the material in which the bath is made from.

Another benefit of using a cast iron bath in your renovation project is the added durability! Cast iron is a very durable metal and does not deteriorate or damage like Acrylic or Steel. All cast iron baths are cast iron on the outer surface and porcelain enamel on the inside, the porcelain enamel leaves a smooth and glossed surface on the inside of the bath whilst the painted cast iron outer gives the bath tub a traditional look and retains the aesthetically pleasing rustic look but also resists knocks and scuffs much better than Steel or Acrylic.

Cast iron baths also have a much higher life expectancy than alternatives making it the perfect choice if you want a bath that will last for years and years to come. Freestanding baths are also associated with traditional style manor houses or period properties such as aristocratic estates and homes which adds a wealth of beauty to your home.

When choosing a bath tub for your home you have to stop and seriously consider using a cast iron bath in your project as it might just give you that piece of luxury you've been looking for .

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